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Hotel Restaurant Jöckel Nieder-Moos Picture Hotel Restaurant Jöckel Nieder-Moos $35 N/A Book Now!
Take advantage of our sport facilities, as we offer an indoor swimming pool and table tennis. On reques...
Deutsches Haus Hotel Vogelsbergkreis Picture Deutsches Haus Hotel Vogelsbergkreis $36 N/A Book Now!
Enjoy the quietness of the hotel's location, far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You can...
Haus Sonnenberg Hotel Vogelsbergkreis Picture Haus Sonnenberg Hotel Vogelsbergkreis $46 N/A Book Now!
We offer 5 flexible function rooms equipped with modern conference technology for up to 80 people. O...
Im Hochzeitshaus Hotel Vogelsbergkreis Picture Im Hochzeitshaus Hotel Vogelsbergkreis $69 N/A Book Now!
Our function room located on the uppermost floor lends itself to meetings, celebrations and family part...
Schotten Parkhotel Vogelsbergkreis Picture Schotten Parkhotel Vogelsbergkreis $39 N/A Book Now!
Our conference room has a size of 91 m² and offers space for 70 persons as well as all common modern fa...
Ring Schubert Hotel Vogelsbergkreis Picture Ring Schubert Hotel Vogelsbergkreis $77 N/A Book Now!
Our Hotel is located in the center of Lauterbach, a town with various holiday activities with it's Natu...
Landgasthof Dorfschänke Hotel Freiensteinau Picture Landgasthof Dorfschänke Hotel Freiensteinau $32 N/A Book Now!
View pricing and details for this Vogelsbergkreis hotel located at An den Eichen 4. Browse hotel pictures, amenities & features, and more.
Landhaus Appel Hotel Vogelsbergkreis Picture Landhaus Appel Hotel Vogelsbergkreis $42 N/A Book Now!
This hotel offers an ideal ambience for work and study, with its well-equipped conference rooms, the la...
Results 1-8 of 8
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