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Saigon Hotels

Find the best Saigon hotel deals and reserve a room online at  Search by location, price, star rating, area, hotel features, and more to find cheap Saigon hotel reservations near you.  Select an option below to get started today and fine the perfect hotel room for your trip!
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Cheap Hotels in Saigon
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Asian Hotel Saigon Picture Asian Hotel Saigon $878,289 District 1 Book Now!
Enjoying a central location, the Asian Hotel Ho Chi Minh City offers a restful, intimate setting with p...
Empress Hotel Saigon Picture Empress Hotel Saigon $661,458 Ho Chi Minh Area Book Now!
The Empress hotel was awarded the Best Boutique Hotel in HCMC. From the moment you enter the empress ho...
Liberty 6 Hotel Saigon Picture Liberty 6 Hotel Saigon $788,001 N/A Book Now!
View pricing and details for this Saigon hotel located at 177 - 179 Le Thanh Ton Street District 11. Browse hotel pictures, amenities & features, and more.
Bach Dang Hotel Saigon Picture Bach Dang Hotel Saigon $643,580 District 1 Book Now!
Bach Dang Hotel is located in downtown, a safe area of Ho Chi Minh City. The hotel is located convenien...
Crystal Hotel Saigon Picture Crystal Hotel Saigon $393,299 District 1 Book Now!
Crystal hotel is located in the central district 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, the heart of the exciting secti...
Liberty 3 Hotel Saigon Picture Liberty 3 Hotel Saigon $996,791 Ho Chi Minh Area Book Now!
Situated five-minute walk to Ben Thanh market, the Que Huong Liberty 3 Hotel is centrally located in th...
Star Hotel Saigon Picture Star Hotel Saigon $810,388 N/A Book Now!
With its central location, Saigon Star Hotel is within easy reach of most tourist attractions and busin...
Lac Vien Hotel Saigon Picture Lac Vien Hotel Saigon $477,378 City Book Now!
The Lac Vien Hotel is located in Ho Chi Minh City making it one of the best hotels to stay at while in ...
Hong Vy 3 Hotel Saigon Picture Hong Vy 3 Hotel Saigon $536,317 City Book Now!
Experience the cordial hospitality along with contemporary service, pleasant ambience and convenient fa...
Hong Vy 1 Hotel Saigon Picture Hong Vy 1 Hotel Saigon $536,317 District 3 Book Now!
Hong Vy 1 is a 2 star hotel with 60 rooms. It is easily accessible to the tourist attractions and busin...
Results 1-10 of 11
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