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Parghelia Hotels

Find the best Parghelia hotel deals and reserve a room online at  Search by location, price, star rating, area, hotel features, and more to find cheap Parghelia hotel reservations near you.  Select an option below to get started today and fine the perfect hotel room for your trip!
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Tirreno Hotel Parghelia Picture Tirreno Hotel Parghelia $52 N/A Book Now!
Location. The Hotel Tirreno is located in the centre of Parghelia, Italy, 500 metres from the sea and o...
Santa Lucia Hotel Parghelia Picture Santa Lucia Hotel Parghelia $75 Vibo Valentia and Tropea Area Book Now!
Location. Hotel Santa Lucia is located on the Tyrrhenian Sea on the West coast of Calabria, where the s...
Blue Paradise resort Hotel Parghelia Picture Blue Paradise resort Hotel Parghelia $70 Central Book Now!
Location. The Blue Paradise Resort is located in Parghelia, Italy, 50 metres from the beach and two kil...
Cannamele Resort Hotel Parghelia Picture Cannamele Resort Hotel Parghelia $40 N/A Book Now!
Location. The Hotel Cannamele Resort is located in Parghelia, Italy, one kilometre from the city centre...
Residence Piccolo Hotel Parghelia Picture Residence Piccolo Hotel Parghelia $37 Calabria and Basilicata Coast Book Now!
View pricing and details for this Parghelia hotel located at Contrada Cervo Parghelia (Vibo Valentia) , 89861. Browse hotel pictures, amenities & features, and more.
Results 1-5 of 5
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